Stromal expression of MMP-13 is required for melanoma invasion and metastasis (2009)

B4 ZIGRINO MAUCHpublications Zigrino P, Kuhn I, Bäuerle T, Zamek J, Fox JW, Neumann S, Licht A, Schorpp-Kistner M, Angel P, Mauch C. J Invest Dermatol 129(11):2686-93

Abstract Tumor invasion and metastasis of malignant melanoma have been shown to require proteolytic degradation of the extracellular environment achieved primarily by enzymes of...   Read More

Collagen XXIII, novel ligand for integrin alpha2beta1 in the epidermis

B3 ECKES KRIEGpublications Veit G, Eckes B, Käpylä J, Zweers MC, Niland S, Ishada-Yamamoto A, Krieg T, Heino J, Eble JA, Koch M. J Biol Chem, August 5, 2011 The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286, 27804-27813.

Abstract Cellular receptors for collagens belong to the family of β(1) integrins. In the epidermis, integrin α(2)β(1) is the only collagen-binding integrin present. Its...   Read More

The knee osteoarthritis susceptibility locus DVWA on chromosome 3p24.3 is the 5′ part of the split COL6A4 gene (2009)

B2 WAGENER/ PAULSSONpublications Wagener R, Gara SK, Kobbe B, Paulsson M, Zaucke F. (2009) Matrix Biol. 2009 Jul;28(6):307-10.

Abstract In a recent study the DVWA gene located on human chromosome 3p24.3 was identified as a susceptibility locus for knee osteoarthritis in Japanese...   Read More

Expression of the collagen VI ?5 and ?6 chains in normal human skin and in skin of patients with collagen VI-related myopathies (2010)

B2 WAGENER/ PAULSSONpublications Sabatelli P, Gara SK, Grumati P, Urciuolo A, Gualandi F, Curci R, Squarzoni S, Zamparelli A, Martoni E, Merlini L, Paulsson M, Bonaldo P, Wagener R (2010) J Invest Dermatol. 2011 Jan;131(1):99-107. Epub 2010 Sep 30.

Abstract Collagen VI is an extracellular matrix protein with critical roles in maintaining muscle and skin integrity and function. Skin abnormalities, including predisposition to...   Read More

Basement membrane deposition of nidogen 1 but not nidogen 2 requires the nidogen binding module of the laminin gamma 1 chain (2011)

publications *Mokkapati S, *Fleger-Weckmann A, Bechtel M, Koch M, Breitkreutz D, Mayer U, Smyth N, Nischt R. J Biol Chem 2011 Jan 21; 286(3):1911-8

Impaired wound healing in mice lacking the basement membrane protein nidogen 1 (2010)

publications Baranowsky A, *Mokkapati S, Bechtel M, Krügel J, Miosge N, Wickenhauser C, Smyth N, Nischt R. Matrix Biol 29, 15-21

Abstract Nidogens 1 and 2 are ubiquitous basement membrane (BM) components, whose interactions in particular with laminin, collagen IV and perlecan have been considered...   Read More

Epidermal Insulin/IGF-1 signaling control interfollicular morphogenesis and proliferative potential via Rac activation (2008)

A5 BRÜNING/NIESSENpublications Stachelscheid. H.*, Ibrahim, H.*, Koch, L., Schmitz, A., Tscharntke, M., Wunderlich F.T., Scott, J. Michels, C., Haase I., Wickenhauser, C., Brüning, J and Niessen C.M. EMBO J. 27:2091-101.

Abstract The lifelong self-renewal of the epidermis is driven by a progenitor cell population with high proliferative potential. To date, the upstream signals that...   Read More

CD44 regulates tight junction assembly and barier function (2011)

A1 NIESSENpublications Kirschner,, N, Haftek, M, Niessen, C.M., Behne, M.J., Furuse, M., Moll, I. and Brandner J.M. J. Invest. Derm 2011 Apr;131(4):932-43

Abstract Upon barrier disturbance, adult CD44 knockout (KO) mice show delayed recovery of epidermal barrier function. This correlates with the loss of apical polarization...   Read More

The disintegrin/metalloproteinase ADAM10 is essential for the Notch -mediated development and integrity of the epidermis (2011 )

A1 NIESSENpublications Weber, S., Niessen, M, Prox, J. , Luellmann-Rauch, ,Schmitz, A., Schwanbeck, R., Blobel, C.P., de Strooper, B., Niessen, C.M.+ and Saftig, P.+ Development 138(3):495-505.

Abstract The disintegrin and metalloproteinase Adam10 has been implicated in the regulation of key signaling pathways that determine skin morphogenesis and homeostasis. To address...   Read More

An adhesion independent, aPKC dependent function for cadherins in morphogenetic movements (2009)

A1 NIESSENpublications Seifert, K., Ibrahim H., Winklbauer R. and Niessen C.M. J. Cell Sci.122: 2514-23.

Abstract Cadherin shedding affects migration and occurs in development and cancer progression. By examining the in vivo biological function of the extracellular cadherin domain...   Read More

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