Hepatitis B virus promotes β-catenin-signalling and disassembly of adherens junctions in a Src kinase dependent fashion

von Olshausen G, Quasdorff M, Bester R, Arzberger S, Ko C, van de Klundert M, Zhang K, Odenthal M, Ringelhan M, Niessen CM, Protzer...   Read More

Transition of responsive mechanosensitive elements from focal adhesions to adherens junctions on epithelial differentiation

Noethel B, Ramms L, Dreissen G, Hoffmann M, Springer R, Rübsam M, Ziegler WH, Niessen CM, Merkel R, Hoffmann B Mol. Biol. Cell 2018...   Read More

Identification of antibodies against extracellular matrix proteins in human osteoarthritis

Ruthard J, Hermes G, Hartmann U, Sengle G, Pongratz G, Ostendorf B, Schneider M, Höllriegl S, Zaucke F, Wagener R, Streichert T, Klatt AR...   Read More

Mechanism suppressing H3K9 trimethylation in pluripotent stem cells and its demise by polyQ-expanded huntingtin mutations

Irmak D, Fatima A, Gutiérrez-Garcia R, Rinschen MM, Wagle P, Altmüller J, Arrigoni L, Hummel B, Klein C, Frese CK, Sawarkar R, Rada-Iglesias A,...   Read More

JunB defines functional and structural integrity of the epidermo-pilosebaceous unit in the skin

Singh K, Camera E, Krug L, Basu A, Pandey RK, Munir S, Wlaschek M, Kochanek S, Schorpp-Kistner M, Picardo M, Angel P, Niemann C,...   Read More

Conformational flexibility of pore loop-1 gives insights into substrate translocation by the AAA protease FtsH

Uthoff M, Baumann U J. Struct. Biol. 2018 Nov;204(2):199-206 PMID: 30118817 Abstract Two crystal structures of a transmembrane helix-lacking FtsH construct from Aquifex aeolicus...   Read More

Glucocorticoids promote intrinsic human T17 differentiation

de Castro Kroner J, Knoke K, Kofler DM, Steiger J, Fabri M J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 2018 Nov;142(5):1669-1673.e11 PMID: 30092286 Abstract

Pioneering of Enhancer Landscapes during Pluripotent State Transitions

Rada-Iglesias A Cell Stem Cell 2018 Aug;23(2):149-151 PMID: 30075122 Abstract The transitions between different pluripotency states are regulated by large changes in enhancer landscapes....   Read More

Signaling in the stem cell niche: regulating cell fate, function and plasticity

Chacón-Martínez CA, Koester J, Wickström SA Development 2018 08;145(15) PMID: 30068689 Abstract Stem cells have the ability to self-renew and differentiate along multiple lineages,...   Read More

Preparing junior faculty for success

Sawarkar R, Scherz-Shouval R, Denzel M, Saarikangas J Science 2018 07;361(6399):238 PMID: 30026218 Abstract

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