Mystery Case: Superior oblique myokymia: An uncommon cause of intermittent diplopia

Joosten IBT, Hoeijmakers JGJ Neurology 2018 Feb;90(9):e814 PMID: 29483324 Abstract

A family of unconventional deubiquitinases with modular chain specificity determinants

Hermanns T, Pichlo C, Woiwode I, Klopffleisch K, Witting KF, Ovaa H, Baumann U, Hofmann K Nat Commun 2018 02;9(1):799 PMID: 29476094 Abstract Deubiquitinating...   Read More

Myeloid cells contribute indirectly to VEGF expression upon hypoxia via activation of Müller cells

Nürnberg C, Kociok N, Brockmann C, Lischke T, Crespo-Garcia S, Reichhart N, Wolf S, Baumgrass R, Eming SA, Beer-Hammer S, Joussen AM Exp. Eye...   Read More

New developments on skin fibrosis – Essential signals emanating from the extracellular matrix for the control of myofibroblasts

Schulz JN, Plomann M, Sengle G, Gullberg D, Krieg T, Eckes B Matrix Biol. 2018 08;68-69:522-532 PMID: 29408278 Abstract Many different diseases are associated...   Read More

Unbiased compound-protein interface mapping and prediction of chemoresistance loci through forward genetics in haploid stem cells

Horn M, Kroef V, Allmeroth K, Schuller N, Miethe S, Peifer M, Penninger JM, Elling U, Denzel MS Oncotarget 2018 Feb;9(11):9838-9851 PMID: 29515774 Abstract...   Read More

Adhesion forces and cortical tension couple cell proliferation and differentiation to drive epidermal stratification

Miroshnikova YA, Le HQ, Schneider D, Thalheim T, Rübsam M, Bremicker N, Polleux J, Kamprad N, Tarantola M, Wang I, Balland M, Niessen CM,...   Read More

Biallelic CHP1 mutation causes human autosomal recessive ataxia by impairing NHE1 function

Mendoza-Ferreira N, Coutelier M, Janzen E, Hosseinibarkooie S, Löhr H, Schneider S, Milbradt J, Karakaya M, Riessland M, Pichlo C, Torres-Benito L, Singleton A,...   Read More

A homozygous missense variant in VWA2, encoding an interactor of the Fraser-complex, in a patient with vesicoureteral reflux

van der Ven AT, Kobbe B, Kohl S, Shril S, Pogoda HM, Imhof T, Ityel H, Vivante A, Chen J, Hwang DY, Connaughton DM,...   Read More

AATF suppresses apoptosis, promotes proliferation and is critical for Kras-driven lung cancer

Welcker D, Jain M, Khurshid S, Jokić M, Höhne M, Schmitt A, Frommolt P, Niessen CM, Spiro J, Persigehl T, Wittersheim M, Büttner R,...   Read More

The cartilage-specific lectin C-type lectin domain family 3 member A (CLEC3A) enhances tissue plasminogen activator-mediated plasminogen activation

Lau D, Elezagic D, Hermes G, Mörgelin M, Wohl AP, Koch M, Hartmann U, Höllriegl S, Wagener R, Paulsson M, Streichert T, Klatt AR...   Read More

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