Z4 Helbig & Mauch

In the first two funding periods, the CRC has focused on the identification of key mechanisms controlling skin homeostasis, regeneration and skin pathology. Key...   Read More

B14 Denzel

Protein quality control and ECM composition: Role of the hexosamine pathway in skin homeostasis In this project we will find out if modulation of...   Read More

B15 Hoeijmakers

The Role of DNA damage and Repair in Skin Aging We will characterize the role of DNA damage in skin aging, using unique mouse...   Read More

A14 Wiesner

Maintenance of mitochondrial integrity in epidermal stem cells Progressive impairment of regeneration with age is partly due to a decline in tissue stem cell...   Read More

A13 Rada-Iglesias

Identification and characterization of major stem cell identity regulators within the epidermis The epidermis contains a great variety of functionally and spatially distinct stem...   Read More

A12 Bazzi

Centrosomes in mammalian skin epithelial cell fate decisions How cell fate decisions are acquired in the skin epithelium, how they change during aging and...   Read More

B4 Zigrino Mauch

Role of MMP-14 in connective tissue homeostasis and tumour invasion Based on the results of the previous funding period we now want to understand...   Read More

B3 Eckes Krieg

Role of collagen-binding integrin receptors for cellular communication and homeostasis in the skin This project aims at establishing whether and by which mechanisms integrin-mediated...   Read More

A11 Wickström

Regulation of epidermal stratification and homeostasis through contractility and density sensing How the complex but stereotyped tissue structure of the mammalian epidermis is formed,...   Read More

A10 Iden

Mammalian polarity proteins in skin homeostasis and disease How cell morphology is coordinated in the context of an entire organ is an intriguing question...   Read More

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