A1 Niessen

Regulation of epidermal morphogenesis and barrier function by intercellular junctions We have demonstrated that classical cadherins through regulation of intercellular junctions, the cytoskeleton and...   Read More

A4 Pasparakis

Epithelial TNFR1 signalling in skin homeostasis and inflammation TNF is a critical pathogenic factor in psoriasis and other chronic inflammatory diseases, but the mechanisms...   Read More

A3 Niemann

Hedgehog-Gli signalling in skin homeostasis and tumour formation Indian Hedgehog (Ihh) controls proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and prevents tumour progression and metastasis. Mechanistically,...   Read More

Z3 Iden & Krieg

This project has been implemented as an Integrated Research Training Group in order to serve as a structural platform for medical students, PhD students,...   Read More

B13 Fabri

Vitamin D regulation of the skin innate immune response The extra-renal vitamin D metabolism in human immune cells is central to the outcome of...   Read More

B12 Sengle

Extracellular fibrillin microfibrils as multifunctional scaffolds integrating growth factor signalling in the skin Mutations in the fibrillin genes lead to congenital multisystem disorders with...   Read More

B11 Baumann …

Structure-Function Relationships of Hsp47/SerpinH1 and its Role in Skin Fibrosis Heat shock protein Hsp47 is essential for collagen biosynthesis. Elevated HS47 levels have been...   Read More

A7 Schumacher

UV-induced DNA damage in photoaging and skin homeostasis UV-induced DNA lesions promote photoaging and cause skin cancer development. We have established that UV-induced lesions...   Read More

A5 Brüning/Niessen

Metabolic control of skin morphogenesis, barrier function and development of diabetes associated skin complications            In the last funding periods we identified novel functions for...   Read More

Z2 Bloch & Niessen

An important aspect of the CRC 829 remains the generation and careful cell biological and ultrastructural analysis of mouse and cell culture models that...   Read More

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