B9 Partridge & Krieg

Abstract We recently found that incidence of ulcerative dermatitis is markedly reduced in mice deficient for the insulin receptor substrate (IRS)-1 gene. These mice...   Read More

B7 Eming

Abstract Macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes are key elements of the repair response following tissue injury. However, their role in skin repair and homeostasis is...   Read More

B2 Wagener Paulsson

Structure and function of microfibrillar and filamentous suprastructures in the dermis Extracellular microfibrillar and filamentous suprastructures control tissue integrity and cell fate. We will...   Read More

A9 Hammerschmidt

Genetic analysis of epidermal development and homeostasis in zebrafish Using zebrafish genetics, we have identified a p53/p63-Notch-Caspase 3 pathway regulating epidermal renewal by promoting...   Read More

A6 Benzing …

Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of AATF controls p53-dependent apoptosis in the UV-induced DNA damage response of the skin We identified AATF as a regulator of the...   Read More

Z1 Niessen

The central office was and is the communication and administrative centre of the CRC 829. The office has two main aims: (1) represent the...   Read More

B10 Haase

Regulation of skin inflammation by epidermal keratinocytes We have found that the activity of NFkB in the epidermis determines the strength of inflammatory reactions...   Read More

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