PhD student / Postdoc organized events

We started a progress report seminar where the young scientists present and discuss the development of their projects amoung themselves, supervised by one SFB group leader ( Dr. Sandra Iden). In addition, lectures will be given by one of the PI´s or by invited speakers from outside. A yearly retreat is taking place in the Rhineland region with an external speaker. Last but not least, did we start to organize a yearly PhD student & Postdoc Minisymposium to enable advanced PhD students or Postdocs to present their projects to a broader audience.


16.03.2017 progress report Anna Geuke | A3
Janis Koster | A11
13.04.2017 progress report Erica Benard | A9
Kira Allmeroth | B14
18.05.2017 progress report Juliana De Castro | B13
Snehalata Kumari | A4
01.06.2017 PI lecture Björn Schumacher | A7
07.09.2017 progress report Lisa Wirtz | AG Mörsdorf
12.10.2017 PI lecture Mario Fabri | B13
09.11.2017 progress report Matthias Rübsam | A1
Yasemin Üstün | B3
07.12.2017 progress report Soriba Letzian | A10
Mareike Damen  | A13
15.02.2018 PI lecture Björn Schumacher | A7
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