Gender & Family

A key concern at both the international and national level is the gender inequality that is still prevalant especially at the higher career levels in research. The University of Cologne has been implementing a strong gender equality scheme aimed to ensure equal employment opportunities as well as to promote work/life balance. The problem of family friendly working conditions are closely related to that. Female (and male) researchers in the experimental sciences face particular difficulties if they have children. It is therfore essential to offer reliable and affordable day care.

Under the following section you will find an overview of services of the SFB, as well as services and contact addresses within the University that deal with gender issues, career planning and/or family support.

Opening of the new ZMMK Parent-child room, co-financed by SFB 829, July 2014

Our student assistant Louisa Blettenberg is responsible for the section „Gender & Family“. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact her:



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