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A key concern, internationally and nationally, is the gender inequality that is still prevalent especially at the higher career levels. Picking up this topic the DFG has produced a film that summarizes the portion of women in science in Germany as well as in international comparison.You can watch the film here.

The University of Cologne has been implementing a strong gender equality scheme aimed to ensure equal employment opportunities as well as to promote work/life balance. This scheme encompasses a wide range of issues including enforcing positive selection procedures throughout the whole of the University.

The Female Career Center (FFC) is one key future of the University of Cologne´s commitment to the advancement of women. It provides regular training courses in such vital areas as networking, presentation, interview technique etc. aimed at students, graduate students as well as staff scientists. In addition, the FCC offers support and advice during all stages of career development with a special program for woman in mathematics and natural sciences. Another essential pillar of the scheme is the office for gender equality. This office is instrumental in enforcing positive selection procedures, promoting female networks and providing an extensive information source on existing gender career planning, promotion and salary negotiation as well as a support unit to better deal with sexual and other harassment cases.

The SFB incorporates eight female independent project leaders. The SFB will advance their careers and, more importantly, strongly encourage young female scientists to pursue a scientific career using the following measures:

  • Support career development by providing financial support for university programs geared at female career options
  • Encourage women to participate in university wide mentoring programs
  • Financial support for the hiring of “hands” in the laboratory for students/postdocs during their maternity leave
  • One of the female researchers in the SFB will be appointed as a Recruitment Officer that assists in the recruitment of researchers for the SFB and in collaboration with the Office of Gender Equality
  • Assist woman with families in finding child care facilities
  • Provide gender related information on available programs and facilities on the website and at the start of employment
  • Our lecture series “Woman in Science and Society” calls the most attention within and rather more outside of the SFB 829.

Gender Commissioner Office

Further useful links within the gender commissioner office

  • Female Career Center (FCC)
    Seminars and workshops about career planning and support for free for guest researchers of the SFB
  • Cornelia Harte Mentoring programs (CHM)
    Three different types of programs offer networking with experienced successful female professionals

Further useful links within the University of Cologne

  • Gender – Meeting the Challenge (movie)

    Dealing proactively with gender equality issues

  • Department of gender quality management (genderqm)
  • Gender and Diversity at the University of Cologne (gender&diversity)

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