Bi-annual GSDRC Meeting in Tokyo 2015
The Bi-annual GSDRC symposium was organized by our japanese colleagues and took place in Tokyo in December 2015. Four SFB 829 PIs (Carien Niessen, Thomas Krieg, Sandra Iden and Manolis Pasparakis) and one PhD student (Matthias Rübsam) and one Postdoc (Sebastian Willenborg) participated in the symposium and discussed skin research projects with GSDRC members from Tokyo, Singapore, Denver and New York.

Bi-annual GSDRC meeting Tkyo 2016

Bi-annual GSDRC meeting Tkyo 2015-2

The GSDRC Summer School „Skin Stem Cell Biology & Disease  in Denver, USA (July 2014)
Karen Reuter, Jessica Morgner, Alexandra Zuk, Susanne Vorhagen and Melina Mescher (all PhD students of SFB 829) participated the GSDRC Summer School 2014 at the University of Colorado, Denver, USA. The following topics were discussed in workshops, demos and lectures by leaders in the field: Biology of skin stem cells, iPS cell-based modeling of skin diseases and Stem cell-based therapies.

Six GSDRC coordinators (one from each member institution) used this occasion to meet and to exchange ideas and discuss future activities (Akiharu Kubo/Tokyo, David Bickers/ New York, Louise Stanley/ Dundee, Maurice Van Steencel/ Singapore, Maranke Koster).

SFB 829 PhD student visited the Keio University in Tokyo, Japan (November 2013)
Matthias Rübsam (TP A1 Niessen) is the first SFB 829 PhD student who was awarded for one of our new travel fellowships. He spent more than four weeks in Tokyo at the Keio University School of Medicine in the laboratory of Akiharu Kubo (left side next to M.R.) to learn the epidermal whole mount staining technique.

SFB 829 Seminar Series with Prof. M. Amagai (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, November 2012)
Prof. Amagai  (Chairman, Department of Dermatology, Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University and member of the GSDRC) visited Cologne and the research consortium SFB 829 to give a talk in the „SFB 829 Seminar Series“

Prof. T. Krieg (Speaker SFB 829) and Prof. A. Christiano (Columbia University, New York, USA) at the German House in New York in 2012

Bi-annual GSDRC Meeting in New York, 2010
The GSDRC Symposium 

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