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Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo

Department of Dermatology

Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology in Tokyo provides a central core of the basic science research laboratories. This Center takes advantages of the strengths of both basic and clinical researchers and promotes research collaborations that enhance productivity. Core units are established that provide shared facilities, equipment and technical services. In addition, this research center supports short-term, innovative pilot projects that involve exploration of new research directions. These projects enable established skin disease researchers to pursue new, innovative ideas. They also allow investigators from other fields to apply their expertise to problems related to skin diseases.


Masayuki Amagai
Dissecting skin as an immune organ
Akiharu Kubo
Barrier homeostasis in epidermal tight junctions and the stratum corneum
Takeshi Matsui

Cell biology of keratinocyte terminal differentiation

Manabu Oyama
Hair follicle stem cell biology and the establishment of regenerative medicine approaches for intractable hair loss disorders
Hayato Takahashi
T cell immunology in skin diseases
Takashi Sasaki
Identification of responsible genes for human genetic skin diseases
Jun Yamagami
Investigation of autoantibody production in patients with pemphigus
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