The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the SFB 829 “Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skin Homeostasis” is offering the following fellowships for qualified and outstanding MD, Master and medical students. The objective of the offered undergraduate scholarships is to integrate qualified and outstanding medical and master students (biology, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology etc.) as early as possible into ongoing SFB 829 research projects. International guest students are more than welcome to join the SFB 829 program and spend a research period in Germany.

MD doctoral thesis fellowships (6 months)

Target group: Undergraduate research scholars (f/m) (medical students interested in research-oriented doctoral thesis)

Aim: “Conduct a research project in one of our SFB laboratories!”

Salary: 670 € + 103 € (for additional costs) / month

Student fellowships (6 weeks)

Target group: Undergraduate research scholars (f/m) (medical students), first and second year students

Aim: “Experience bench research!”

Salary: up to 750 € / 6 weeks

Master student fellowships (6 months)

Target group: Master students working on their Master thesis project (f/m) (science students)

Aim: “Experience one of our highly competitive research projects!”

Salary: 800 € / month

Exchange/ travel fellowships (2 weeks – 6 months) NOT FOR CONFERENCES!

Target group: SFB 829 PhD students or Postdocs (f/m)

Aim: For collaborative visits at one of our international partner institutions or other institutions

Salary: individual request / Please add a list of expected expenses to your application

Applicants are requested to approach SFB 829 group leaders ahead of their application to identify potential projects in the research group they are interested in.

Please send your complete application (application form incl. CV and list of expected travel expenses for travel grant as pdf, confirmation by SFB 829 group leader) by e-mail to julia.zielinski@uk-koeln.de. Please download form at SFB 829 here.

We encourage highly motivated students to apply latest by March 1rst or September 1rst, 2017


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