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“Women in Science: More than Skin Deep” (Gender lecture)

Professor Christiano will present two lectures: a scientific seminar on her recent research and a general lecture on the role of women in science...   Read More

“Nociceptive Neurons: Sensors of Skin Integrity and Functionality”


“Critical role for AbdB-type Hoxc genes in hair follicle differentiation and vascular remodeling”

Host: Beate Eckes Flyer

“Insights into skin pathology – utilization of lentiviral technology, 3D organotypic skin model and transgenic mice”

Host: Manolis Pasparakis Flyer

“p63 function in epidermal development and disease”


“Epithelial Morphogenesis: A Tale of Two Laminins”

More information: Contact person: Manuel Koch ( Flyer

“Spatiotemporal regulation of epidermal stem cells by a molecular clock”

Epidermal stem cells ensure that skin homeostasis is maintained.  In murine skin, epidermal stem cells cluster at specific niches where, at steady state conditions,...   Read More

“The opposing transcriptional functions of Sin3A and c-Myc are required to maintain skin homeostasis”

The proto-oncogene c-Myc has emerged as an important stem cell regulator, yet it is largely unknown how c-Myc mechanistically balances self-renewal, proliferation and differentiation...   Read More

“Perinatal programming of multiorgan inflammatory response in adult rats”

„The importance of Sticking Together II: Networking and Community in Science and Life“ (Gender lecture)

„The importance of Sticking Together II: Networking and Community in Science and Life“ (Prof. Green will present a scientific seminar on her recent research...   Read More

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